How to place Automatic Trading Cycle Orders using UniDexBot?

3 min readNov 2, 2020


1. Login to your Metamask. Brave and Chrome works best at this point.
2. Head over to
3. Accept the Metamask Connect Request.
4. Attach your gas wallet. After attaching, the pin color will change to Green from Red.

5. Copy the wallet address by clicking on Copy image and send some ETH to it to cover the gas fees for your trades.

6. You can search for coins in 2 places:

7. If you don’t see a coin listed, just enter its contract address and hit enter, then it’s ticker will become searchable.

8. Suppose I want to sell 1 WETH for Dai. I would do this and click on Calculate:

9. This below image would mean I am Cycling 1 UNDB for DAI 10 times:

I start with 1 WETH. It sells for a 3% profit from current market price to DAI. This is 0.5 out of 10 Cycles.

UniDexBot will automatically create the next order to buy WETH for 582 DAI at 3% below current market price. This completes 1/10 Cycle.

This process goes on until you complete 10/10 Cycles.

At the end of each half cycle, you are going to have more DAI than previous half cycle.

At the end of each full cycle, you are going to have more WETH than previous full cycle.


The cycle order can be seen in the Orders section. The Green button is to pause the Cycle.

How many cycles are completed is shown.

Using Edit button you can edit the Cycle parameters.

Using Market button you can execute the next cycle at current market price and the rest of the cycles would auto adjust.

Using Delete button you can delete the Cycle.

The X icon will expand the Orders window for better viewing experience.


Clicking on the blue Cycle symbol will get you the Cycles report such as the above.

If the Cycle order is fully complete, you can find that in the History section.

12. Clicking on the Telegram symbol, you can set up notifications of Trades and Status updates to come in your Telegram:

A video walkthrough

Enjoy the profits and don’t forget to boast about it in our Telegram

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