How to place Limit Orders in UniSwap using UniDexBot?

Prerequisite: You need to hold sufficient UNDB in your wallet to grant you a license to execute trades. And then,

1. Login to your Metamask. Brave and Chrome works best at this point.
2. Head over to
3. Accept the Metamask Connect Request.
4. Attach your gas wallet. After attaching, the pin color will change to Green from Red.

5. Copy the wallet address by clicking on Copy image and send some ETH to it to cover the gas fees for your trades.

6. You can search for coins in 2 places:

7. If you don’t see a coin listed, just enter its contract address and hit enter, then it’s ticker will become searchable.

8. Suppose I want to sell 1 UNDB for Dai. I would do this and click on Calculate:

9. Then, I click on Order and this screen pops up:

Target volatility is the percentage profit I set. You see I am getting more output tokens (DAI) in this trade.

Count Cycles should be “0” for a single limit order.

Slippage is the usual Uniswap slippage setting.

You can increase the Gas limit and Gas Price if needed. 100% would mean you will be using the default ETH network rates at the time of order execution.

Now, I click on ‘Check Approve’

10. A spending approval popup message will come like this for both the pairs used.

Approve x10 means, you would approve spending of UNDB contract address from your wallet, for 10x current values for both the tokens, saving you gas for approval in future trades. So, if you Approve x10 in this case, you will not need to do Approval transactions for up to 10 UNDB and 11,510 Dai in the future. If you don’t want that but just approve for the current transaction, click on Approve.

You can use to check for your token allowances.

11. And then you get this, you click on Start Trade:


Your limit order will get created.

The green button is to ‘pause’ the trade.
The Triangle/Clock symbols will show the Status of the orders.
The ‘Edit’ button is to edit the limit order.
The ‘Market’ button is to execute the limit order at current market price.
The ‘Delete’ button is to delete the limit order.
The ‘X’ button will expand the window for better viewing experience.

If the limit order is executed, you will find it in the ‘History’ section.

13. Clicking on the Telegram symbol, you can set up notifications of Trades and Status updates to come in your Telegram:

A video walkthrough

Enjoy the profits and don’t forget to boast about it in our Telegram

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