The Avalanche network is integrated into UnidexBot!

The Avalanche network is integrated into UnidexBot! It is now possible to use Pangolinswap

  1. Open, and connect to Wallet (example Metamask).

2. Set blockchain AVA (avalanche)

3. Attach your gas wallet to your main wallet (transaction). (A gas wallet is required to perform swap transactions, a gas fee will be deducted from its balance). Wait for blue spinner to disappear & the paperclip to turn green.

4. Deposit AVAX into gas wallet to be used for transactions.

5. How create trade (set limit order). Set Input token, Output token and input amount

6. You can set to market order, or create trade (set settings)

7. Set Target volatility (%), and check target price, and target output amount.

8. Approve token for trade

9. Start trade

10. You can edit, set to market, or remove trade

11. When the current price is less than the target price, a swap will be done. The laptop can be turned off.

12. Successfully trade


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