UniDexBot Sniper

2 min readNov 7, 2021


UniDexBot has the ability to create sniper limit orders. This is an attempt to execute a swap immediately after adding liquidity to the dex. Which will allow the user to buy the token among the first ones at a bargain price.

It is important to understand that there are many competing sniper bots, and of course not everyone will get the token at the stated price. There are no guarantees.

Be sure to check out the Quick Start article https://unidexbot.medium.com/fast-start-unidexbot-7ae452b0a236

How create Sniper order:
1. Select the dex where the listing will do
2. Select the token that you will change in the From field
3. Add the smart contract address in the To field (the token will be added and saved to your list)
4. Enter the amount of the token you want swap (from)

After clicking on the Sniper button the order creation window will open.
An important parameter is the Max sniper price. It means the maximum price at which the token will be bought.
Having set the price, check the Output value at the bottom of the window, there you can see what the minimum number of tokens you will get in case of a successful sniper hit.

If the price doesn’t matter and you want to buy the token anyway, you can put Max sniper price like 99999

Further steps are similar to the Quick Start article https://unidexbot.medium.com/fast-start-unidexbot-7ae452b0a236

Info: If you want the bot to sell token when it reaches a certain profit, you can set the Tools option to use the Cycle strategy



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