UniDexBot x Infinity Gainz AMA

  • KAELIN: UniBot.cash is meant to be used to place limit orders on UniSwap, but having a certain requirement amount of UNDB to use the bot makes it less accessible to more users, where as other options like Trade And Layer and possibly even more in future not having requirements what will UniBot.cash do to bring in new users who may use other services?
  1. There is a rule in trading; the more people use one strategy, the more users, the less profit it gives. We started from this principle — fewer users — more profit for everyone. We are naturally creating a shortage of licenses, but this is a necessary measure.
  2. The final decision has not been made, but we plan to coordinate issues related to tokenomics with the holders. After implementing a governance system similar to proof-of-stake; if the majority of the weight is for lowering the license price, then we will change the terms.
  3. Competitors. And we and they make a product for people. The market will put everything in its place. Of course, I monitored competitors, which is natural, but I could not find a single successful limit order in Etherscan (testnet or mainnet). I’m not saying that they are not there, I am saying that I could not find it. Competition is convenient for the consumer, and we will have to adjust to them.
  • Astro Rugs: How can we insure that the orders we made in UNDB won’t be front run by bots. UNDB as a limit order tool in Uniswap using bots is interesting. Can the orders front run other bots with the same buying price?
  • joem: Forwarding a question; “Interested to see how they’ll solve the issue of limited liquidity. People don’t want to put their UNDB in an LP since they don’t want to risk losing some of their UNDB. But as the pool shrinks volatility increases and spooks people.”




Uniswap Private Limit Orders and Automatic Trading Cycles | TG: t.me/usw_bot | https://unidexbot.com/

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Uniswap Private Limit Orders and Automatic Trading Cycles | TG: t.me/usw_bot | https://unidexbot.com/

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