Webhooks Unidexbot

2 min readDec 21, 2021

Webhooks have been added to the Unidexbot.com. Users can now use third-party services to improve trading strategies. More documentation api-docs.

How do I connect the Webhook for Trading view signals?

How to add a webhook can be found in the Trading View documentation.
To get a webhook, you need to create an Api key in the Unidexbot web panel

Warn: All operations with api keys and webhooks require a signature through your main wallet

If you have an active api key, each trade will have the option Show Webhooks

Fill in the fields in the Trading View web panel according to the documentation.

Calling this webhook equivalent to manually clicking on the “to Market” button. The “action” field specifies what to execute to the bot (buy and sell keywords), for example for a USDT/BTC trade the action can be “BUY_usdt” or “sell_USDT”. You can also set action as “trigger”. In this case the order will be placed without checking what token is swapped. The does not matter (sell or Sell or UsDt).

As a result, there will be an additional signal in the trading strategy for placing an order. If you only want to buy BTC for USDT (TV signals will push the button To Market), and sell it at trailing stop with the bot, you can set settings for BTC that will never be executed.