RECAP of UniDexBot x tehMoonwalkeR´s AMA

tehMoonwaLkeR: Welcome ! Lets start with an intro! Please be so kind and introduce yourselves, maybe talk about your role in the project.

Dev Udex Bot: Hello! I am the developer of UniDexBot.

BitCoinly: I am Strategic Advisor for UniDexBot. We have the dev here, @ut_citizen. Also, admin @undbadmin. I will be answering most of the questions. Anything highly technical, I will tag the dev. English is not the Dev’s first language, but he will try his best! Lets go! Thank you Moonwalker!

Dev Udex Bot: I want to warn you that English is not my native language, therefore, misunderstandings are possible.

tehMoonwaLkeR: Sure we gonna manage :D

Question 1:

tehMoonwaLkeR: What is unidexbot, why do we need it, what does it solve, and how does it work?

BitCoinly: As you know, UniSwap is working on an AMM (Automatic Market Maker) model. It does not have the facility to make Limit orders. We solved this first. And then, We moved onto Cycles which, you can say, multiple limit orders (buy and sell Cycles) programmed in a few clicks and then this gets done automatically. Then, we integrated Charting Tools. We will be adding more trading strategies like Martingale Averaging, Stop loss, Trailing stop loss, Sniping of new listings when the token address is known before listing. Also, we are looking to be DEX agnostic.

Here is a sneak peak into the platform

Features of UniDexBot

- Private Uniswap Limit Orders. No open book.
- Less gas cost. 10 times Approval setting is available. No gas required to create, edit or cancel orders.
- Funds stay in your wallet until execution.
- Automatic Percentage based buy and sell cycles. Print money automatically BRRRR!
- Charting Tools.
- Try out for just 0.1 UNDB in your wallet.
- No hidden fees or cuts from your trades.
- Stop Loss, Trail Stop.
- Windows and MAC desktop Apps.
- Adaptive UI for mobile devices.
- Martingale Averaging (Upcoming).
- New listing Sniping (Upcoming).
- Dex Agnostic (Upcoming).
- Best supportive community.

Here is a Case Study on Cycles:

Knowledge base:

Video on Cycles:

tehMoonwaLkeR: I have been using the bot extensively over the last days and its amazing.

BitCoinly: Thank you! 😊

Question 2:

tehMoonwaLkeR: Wondering, what is your background and how come you build such a superb bot with relatively low funding?, and how come there are so few out there who have tackled uniswap trading functionality yet?

Dev Udex Bot: I have a lot of development experience. I do not really like to make plans and feed users with promises. I prefer to take and do. It was not without difficulties, but we managed to overcome them and in the end we have a wonderful tool that perfectly performs its task. Today, apparently, for limit orders, this is the best solution in DEX.

tehMoonwaLkeR: Very impressive, in a time where many rugpull, small teams that deliver hard earn my respect.

Dev Udex Bot: Thanks.

Space X: Also very low cap so lots of room to grow.

Question 3:

tehMoonwaLkeR: Good argument, I have seen the token sitting at 650k $, while having a very high token price of $1,093.17 do you think the investors may be confused with the very low supply and only see a high price?.

BitCoinly: No. We have license tiers starting from 0.1 UNDB, so it is not a problem.

To add to that we are way undervalued looking at the features we provide:

tehMoonwaLkeR: Is that volume?

Crypto Man: That’s the marketcap.

BitCoinly: No, marketcap on the second column.

tehMoonwaLkeR: Ah.

Question 4:

tehMoonwaLkeR: Specially interested in more UI features, whats planned for the user friendlyness and adoption?

BitCoinly: Since the dev is still working on features like Martingale Averaging, Stop loss, Trailing stop loss, Sniping of new listings, we will wait for him to finish and will surely call for a contest and do UI improvement.

tehMoonwaLkeR: Very interesting.

Question 5:

tehMoonwaLkeR: I notice the dashboard seems kind of complicated for single orders, is that so? If yes, how to make it more accessible for regular traders?.

BitCoinly: All the trades are Percentage based. You input a percentage and not the price. It is done like that keeping Cycles in mind where Traders can input a percentage like 1,2,3… and forget about it. If that’s what is confusing you, we are planning to bring Price input model as well. If it is the UI that is confusing, we will get it designed by a professional once most of the features are added. If it is something else, we are willing to listen.

Dev Udex Bot: You can spend 5 minutes and watch video guide on YouTube.

tehMoonwaLkeR: Yes but even if you understand it, there are simply more parameters to set. Let me rephrase, will there be a “simple” mode for traders who simply wanna swap eth to randomcoin once?

Dev Udex Bot: I updated the UI, you can use only the Main section for this task.

Space X: More like the original uniswap UI you mean?.

tehMoonwaLkeR: Yes.

Space X: I’ve used the other ones and think undb came out on top by far. More options. No glitches.

Question 6:

HP: Will there be a feature like „export trades to .csv“? We are at the beginning of a new bullrun and using a bot means a lot of trades. Ifo cant find this feature at metamask. Regarding taxes, this feature would help all to manage the x trades just with 1 click.

Dev Udex Bot: Good idea. it is easy to implement.

BitCoinly: We have a google form for suggestions hosted in License Holders chat. You can input the ideas and we will study it.

HP: Ok, thx.

Question 7:

tehMoonwaLkeR: What about partnerships? how was the reaction from industry partners ànd what do you think about the competition?

Crypto Man: The problem with the “competition” is that most of them have bugged and slow platforms. Also if you set a limit order, most of them keep your metamask hostage on a pending transaction for hours or days until their price hit their desired target. So you cant use the metamask wallet during that time. Also you have to pay fees to create an order or cancel it.

With UNDB you can set many orders and still use your metamask wallet. And you dont need to pay fee to create/edit/cancel your orders. You only pay the fee when the price hits your target and the bot executes the order.

Another thing that can be added is that none of the “competition” have anything similar to cycling like we do which is what is giving our traders a lot of big profits.

BitCoinly: Regarding competitions, there are a few that claims to do limit orders, but we work far better than them. I will share a comment from our community member who has tried all those platforms below. And we are not just limit orders, we are much more than that. We are a full trading suit bot. There is no one that does Cycles. The latest of our integration was Charting Tools (Trading View) because our users asked if they could avoid going to DexTools, AstroTools, Chartex Pro while in our platform. With regard to the upcoming features, we are quite unique as well: Martingale Averaging, Stop loss, Trailing stop loss, Sniping of new listings when the token address is known before listing. Also, we are looking to be DEX agnostic. I think we deserve that #1 spot.

I wanna add a comment below from on of our users:

“Hey man, why is this token so cheap?. The other “projects” are a joke that dont even work or are buggy as hell. This one is even different, I can set limit orders and even change my mind and cancel it and dont have to pay fee for that. I can even do transfers while having a limit order open with this one.

I can even do cycles with UNDB. You cant even think on doing something like this with the other ones. That dont even work lol. And if this one also implements stop losses that’s gonna be huge as well.

The other ones (both of them that start with “Uni…” ) are buggy, dont work and most of the time they get your metamask wallet stuck and cant do anything else until the price actually reaches your target and most of the time it doesnt work and just fails. And if you want to cancel you have to cancel the transaction that is stuck lol.

Instead this one is a real piece of art work. Why is market cap so low on this one? I have fallen in love with this one. The true King.”

Question 8:

tehMoonwaLkeR: Lets talk about the token, what is the benefit of holding it? and what can i do with it?

BitCoinly: Of course, you get License to the Only one Uniswap based money printer in the World. We have an interesting tokenomics as well. 1000 tokens in total, 599 in circulation. As a holder also, you can only benefit as we make more adoption. We had crossed 5k$ once. Here are a few examples of what you can do as a license holder:

Question 9:

tehMoonwaLkeR: How to achieve this reports? I didnt find them in the dashboard.

BitCoinly: There is a button to click and it shows you. The blue rectangle Cycle button.

Dev Udex Bot: Column strategy.

Question 10:

Storm Broken: Is there going to be more tokens ? Or 1000 it’s the max ever? Also are you planning to farm? If yes, will there be a token burning system associated?

BitCoinly: 1000 is the max. Dev says more people less profit. I do not think we will increase the supply. Any changes in this, we will ask the community first.

Question 11:

tehMoonwaLkeR: But still at one time the token supply will run dry, some form of revenue must be found? Now you guys had a small raise, but how to sustain future developments. Where does the revenue come from?

BitCoinly: Revenue comes from the team tokens. We do not want to plan any cuts or fees for trades. But in order to sustain, we will do something in the future — something like taxing the lower tiers. Or it may be some other idea. This is a case for later.

We want it to be beneficial for the users as best as it can. So no cuts or fees is the real model, but if we are forced to, then we will implement it. Not the case now. We don’t want to be greedy.

Question 12:

Joker: UNDB looks interesting. Is it an open source project? Before I use automated trading strategies or bots I usually like to understand mechanics below it better.

Dev Udex Bot: The code is closed, but all operations are carried out through metamask.

BitCoinly: No, it is not. Code is private! 😊

Joker: OK, thanks for letting me know. 👍

Question 13:

tehMoonwaLkeR: Please tell us more about the roadmap, what else is ahead of the project? and whats planned?


· Uniswap Private Limit Orders — Done
· Automatic Trading Cycles — Done
· Charting Tools — Done
· Stop loss and Trailing Stop Loss on Cycles — Upcoming
· Sniping of new Uniswap listings — Upcoming
· Martingale Averaging — Upcoming
· Adaptive UI for mobile devices — Upcoming
· Being Dex Agnostic — Upcoming

Question 14:

tehMoonwaLkeR: How are the investors protected from a rugpull? are the tokens locked? and who does the auditing?

BitCoinly: Team tokens are locked. You can see details here:

We are NOT adverse to getting audited. But, these days Auditing claims are just a tool for Marketing. You know what happened with Akro lately. It was audited twice. And, one can change the codes after auditing as well. We are not against Auditing but we don’t want our codes to get leaked as well. So, we are thinking about the best options.

tehMoonwaLkeR: Good point.

Question 15:

tehMoonwaLkeR: The token UNDB itself has rather low liquidity/volume, any plans to change this? maybe like a pool mining campaign? Any other areas where you can see potential collaborations with other projects?

BitCoinly: To solve this, we have a Rewards program running currently. Regarding collaboration with other projects, we don’t see anything now, but if anyone has a suggestion we are more than willing to listen:

tehMoonwaLkeR: This is regarding the uniswap pools i guess?

BitCoinly: Yes, Pools + Holder’s benefit too. Regarding volume, we have just started marketing and we revamped our license structure. Volume should follow after we ramp up the marketing efforts.

tehMoonwaLkeR: Very nice. Thanks for all the knowledge.

BitCoinly: We know that MoonWalkers is not a pump and dump group and always focused on quality. We believe you all liked this AMA and support us, as we have a working product and continues to deliver. This is a community oriented project. Get a license: and start using it today yourself and print money. When there are hundreds of coins with no use cases and false promises, that’s the very least we expect from a quality group like yours. Join our TG:

Here is a gift to MoonWalker (Courtesy: our boy @Moonnoob)

tehMoonwaLkeR: Was great to have you.

Article Credit @BTCman2020

Features of UniDexBot

- Private Uniswap Limit Orders. No open book.
- Less gas cost. 10 times Approval setting is available. No gas required to create, edit or cancel orders.
- Funds stay in your wallet until execution.
- Automatic Percentage based buy and sell cycles. Print money automatically BRRRR!
- Charting Tools
- Try out for just 0.1 UNDB in your wallet.
- No hidden fees or cuts from your trades.
- Stop Loss, Trail Stop (Upcoming)
- Martingale Averaging (Upcoming)
- New listing Sniping (Upcoming)
- Adaptive UI for mobile devices (Upcoming)
- Dex Agnostic (Upcoming)
- Best supportive community.




TG News:

TG Trading:


TG License holders chat:


TG Price bot:



Knowledge base: Link to all medium articles:


Contract address:

Admin @undbadmin

Strategic Advisor @BitCoinly

Community Admins

@JuanZiro, @muffin_mann, @ChainLinkTCO, @HelpICantBreathee, @JayrX, @Injectme, @Hijazi620, @BluCEL @BTCman2020




Uniswap Private Limit Orders and Automatic Trading Cycles | TG: |

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Uniswap Private Limit Orders and Automatic Trading Cycles | TG: |

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