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First, get the contract address of the new Uniswap token listing, and then input it on the left hand side To field dropdown. Once token ticker is added, click on Sniper button:

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What is Stop Loss?

Stop Loss is fixed point of trade. Suppose if you have kept a 5% stop loss on a token when the price is 100, the stop loss will trigger at 95.

What is Trail Stop Loss?

Trail Stop Loss is not a fixed point of trade. It keeps following the price up. Suppose if you have kept a 5% Trail stop on a token when the price is 100 and your target price is 150. Until the price reaches 150, the trail stop won’t come into picture. Now, consider these price movements:


It will only trigger at the last point. Here is…

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tehMoonwaLkeR: Welcome ! Lets start with an intro! Please be so kind and introduce yourselves, maybe talk about your role in the project.

Dev Udex Bot: Hello! I am the developer of UniDexBot.

BitCoinly: I am Strategic Advisor for UniDexBot. We have the dev here, @ut_citizen. Also, admin @undbadmin. I will be answering most of the questions. Anything highly technical, I will tag the dev. English is not the Dev’s first language, but he will try his best! Lets go! Thank you Moonwalker!

Dev Udex Bot: I want to warn you that English is not my native language, therefore, misunderstandings are possible. …

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Go here:

Article Credit: @BitCoinly

Features of UniDexBot

- Private Uniswap Limit Orders. No open book.
- Less gas cost. 10 times Approval setting is available. No gas required to create, edit or cancel orders.
- Funds stay in your wallet until execution.
- Automatic Percentage based buy and sell cycles. Print money automatically BRRRR!
- Charting Tools.
- Try out for just 0.1 UNDB in your wallet.
- No hidden fees or cuts from your trades.
- Stop Loss, Trail Stop.
- Windows and MAC desktop Apps.
- Adaptive UI for mobile devices.
- Martingale Averaging (Upcoming).
- New listing Sniping (Upcoming).
- Dex Agnostic (Upcoming). …

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Below is a list of common errors you may run into while using the Unidexbot. Some errors are specific to Unidexbot and in most cases a result of user error, while others originate from the actual Uniswap protocol and therefore are outside Unidexbot’s control.

One thing that is important to note when using the app, is that Unidexbot runs on top of Uniswap, which uses an automated market maker protocol. This type of market creates a competitive environment that gives more power to the user, however, this also may result in failed transactions especially on highly volatile coins with low liquidity. …

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Tokenomics as of November 2nd, 2020 is as follows:

Total supply — 1000

Circulating supply — 599

Locked in Smart Contract: 401 {240 will be used for early holder and liquidity rewards, 120 is for team, 41 is for Reserves} (

Once this lock gets over, we will lock 301 tokens again for another 31 days.

On December 2, 401 UNDB tokens got unlocked. Out of this, we locked 301 UNDB again for a month. We set aside the rest for paying Rewards and Project expenses. …

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At the time of start, we had 499 coins in circulation and 501 coins locked. When the locked coins got unlocked, we decided to Reward the early holders and liquidity providers of the community. It is a 150-day plan. Details are below:

UNDB Holders and Liquidity Providers Rewards Program

- 2 $UNDB will be proportionally rewarded daily over a span of 150 days starting tomorrow, 10/24/2020

- 1 $UNDB for Holders totalling a 150 $UNDB tokens reward (1 $UNDB x 150 days = 150 $UNDB tokens)

- 1 $UNDB for Liquidity Providers totalling a 150 $UNDB tokens reward (1 $UNDB x 150 days = 150 $UNDB…



Uniswap Private Limit Orders and Automatic Trading Cycles | TG: |

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