UniDexBot Referral program

1 min readMar 17, 2022

UniDexBot includes a referral program. Each user can attract referrals and receive a portion of the commission for each of their swaps.

The referral program page can be accessed through the menu or by following the link https://unidexbot.com/app/#refpage

All users who follow your link will be your referral. For each exchange you will receive a part of the project’s commission. The transfer will be made immediately to your main wallet.

If possible, before sending bonus tokens will be exchanged for stable coins(for example, if bonus tokens XXX, then if possible XXX will be exchanged for USDT, USDC, etc).

Referral program works in smart contract, so manipulation is not possible



How to start trading quickly with UniDexBot you can be read here: https://unidexbot.medium.com/fast-start-unidexbot-7ae452b0a236

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WebApp: UniDexBot.com/app
Telegram: https://t.me/usw_bot
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Medium: https://unidexbot.medium.com/
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